Saturday, July 05, 2008

I'm here

I have been in the dumps lately. I haven't posted anything because I know I'll start talking smack about someone, and if I do, it will most likely be the first time they visit my blog. You know how that goes. I have been waiting patiently for positve energy to come my way, but I have a feeling that I'm going to have to take charge and go find it.

I didn't even celebrate yesterday. Well, we went out to some quack Indian place. The mango lassi was the only thing to write home about.

I think I'm going to cancel tennis today so we can take the girls out to the country. We're going to buy some cheap fireworks. I'm sure that after I blow a few things up I will be in a much better mood. I'm mostly looking forward to taking off my shoes and running as fast as I can until I cannot breathe. This type of run can only be accomplished if A. I am in the country and B. the girls are right there, running alongside me.

I have been visiting blogs, trust me, but a few of you have lengthy posts that I want to read but just do not have the attention span for right now.

Tomorrow I will put things behind me. Today could be the day that love is realized, and then the weight will be lifted. Hope can be such a knife in the heart sometimes.


Impatient Explorer said...

You have posted! I am SO happy I didnt' take drastic measures.

I think I fixed my blog. Look at it and tell me if my sidebar is back to normal.

Sorry to hear that you are down in the dumps. You need to get out, run, climb trees, and let it all hang out.

I just don't suggest fireworks in this state of mind. Perhaps if you made a voodoo doll in effigy of the person you are upset with......

Your mother is so twisted.

Impatient Explorer said...

Left you a video on my blog.

Hope everything is okay.

the walking man said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha dumps. Isn't that the shit! Coffee is perking along one minute then it boils over and makes a mess.

I get it about blowing things up, oh yes a good explosion is balm for the savage soul. If the area you go to explode things in is dry though get a sledge hammer and bust things up.

Long post is a short story beginning July 1 ending July 5 it will start archiving with my next post. I needed to get away from poetry for a minute.

Feel better Noisy, you ain't lost your ability to feel good, just the eye to see it for the moment.

Sandy said...

yeah thats why i havent posted too. you in india where? how did mango lassi taste?

Anyway i have tagged you check out my blog.

noisysmile said...

Mom: Your sidebar is fine now, but we no longer have Peppy. He is now living with Josh and is VERY happy.

TWM: I am on my way over to your blog.

Sandy: I went to an Indian restaurant. A terrible one at that. I always order a mango lassi when I eat at an Indian place. They are the best ever! I am thinking about making them at home, but that may be dangerous because they're so darn good.