Sunday, July 20, 2008

Roseosaurus meets her match

I am sick : ( Sinus issues. Nothing big. My head is really foggy though, and putting together more than a couple sentences is bordering on the impossible. I have a semi-decent (dash or no dash) post I am working on, but it's been put on the back burner. Robert has been a saint. I got sick Friday night, and it has been nothing but tea and cuddles since then. We also went out today and bought a roomba at a store nearby that was having a closing sale. If you haven't seen one of these things in action I suggest you put it on your list of priorities! Esp. if you have dogs. Rose and Ella thought that they could hide under the coffee table, but the roomba found them! I told Robert that the roomba was going to have a difficult time figuring out if the girls were big wads of hair or actual furniture.

Wow you can tell that I've had an eventful weekend. It started out so big too. On Friday night, Robert and I grabbed some delicious mexican food and headed for the train tracks. We had a picnic less than ten feet away from the tracks with Rose and Ella tucked in close to us. Next thing you know I'm sick and we're laughing our cabooses off at some silly vacuum as it chases our dogs around, trying to clean them.


Robin said...

My neighbors had old, OLD friends in to visit tonight and asked us to attend.

I coughed so much and hard that I had to explain.

Explaining may not go so far with people from Oklahoma. Hell. It's not going far with me.

You got yours. I've got mine. Life could be worse.



the walking man said...

One of our sons bought us a roomba when they first came out. neither of us ever took the time to program it seeing as we like our dust balls. The dust helps us combat empty nest syndrome. Now that same son is on track to marry in a few weeks another old poop trick can be used. Regifting.