Sunday, October 25, 2009

you will be missed

This morning little Zeus passed away from a tumor in his intestines. He was his perky little self until a couple of days ago. At that time we noticed that most of his whiskers were burned off. Apparently the little fart got a little too close to a candle. But after a little research we discovered that cats who lose their whiskers will act funny so we decided that if he was still in the same shape that we would take him to our vet on Monday. He was sleeping most of the time and when he did get up he would walk like a drunk, but other than that he was fine. His little motor kept chugging along and he kept pooping in his box and eating regularly. This morning, after Robert and I woke up, my mom and grandma (they stayed the night) mentioned that he started screaming about 4 and after a little while he messed himself. Well, shortly thereafter he had a similar incident and after bathing him Robert and I decided to take him to the vet. He never came home. They said that the tumor was too massive to remove.

He was such a joy to have around. Rose keeps looking for him and to be quite honest I keep expecting to see his little head pop up from the basket that Robert took him in. It was quite sudden and we're all a little shocked.

We had him for only a month, but I would like to think he lived a grand life. Two great dog friends, wet food every day, an automatic crapper and two suffocating humans.

It was a great month for us too, Zeus.

Monday, October 19, 2009

lots of love

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Meet Zeus

About a month ago a friend of ours found a crying box while out playing frisbee golf. Lo and behold there was a kitten inside! One phone call later and he had a new home, OURS! Right away he bonded with Robert, but he tolerates me well, esp. when he wants to eat and I'm the only one around. Rose immediately took to him, and promptly filled the mama role. Ella was not pleased for awhile, but slowly and surely she warmed up to him. Now they romp through the house like two best buds. Honestly I wasn't sure how a teeny tiny kitten that barely weighed a pound was going to hold his own in a house filled with dinosaurs, but he's quite the little shit (excuse my language). One sneak attack is all it takes to put the girls in their place.

He loves car rides!