Thursday, February 28, 2008

I imagine I probably pissed you off

I doubt you'll have much to say about this after what I said about the american idol kid, but I thought I'd throw it out there for you robin. this is my favorite version of imagine. it's by jack johnson.

Friday, February 22, 2008

what a day

There was a minor explosion in my kitchen this morning. I barely slept 7 hours last night so I was fairly tired. I was also hungry. I was so hungry I could barely walk. I made the dumbass decision to make oatmeal when I should have just had a protein shake and called it a day and gone back to sleep. Nope. I wanted oatmeal. The kitchen was a mess. Robert made a batch of chili and cornbread the night before and didn’t clean up. I think he was honestly going to, but he had a test early this morning. He left the cornbread on the stove in a glass pyrex container. Did I move it? No. I just wanted some damn oatmeal. I flipped on the stove (electric), and began to make toast. Just as I was about to butter my bread BAM! No wait. It was more like KAPOW! Glass and cornbread went EVERYWHERE. A large chunk hit the fish tank and about 2 pounds of glass dust settled on every surface. Somehow during the explosion I held the knife up (I guess to defend myself), and a humongous wad of butter got tangled in my hair. Because I had my back to the stove (thank the lord), I didn’t get any glass on my face, but I had a large amount of glass dust in my hair, and with the wonderful combination of butter it was a sticky sparkly mess. My first reaction to all of this? Well, I turned off the stove. My second? The dogs!! The girls were outside. Peppy, however, was glued to my side before the explosion. When the explosion occurred I thought for sure he would run and hide, but no, he was frantically racing around, trying to lick the cornbread off the glass. So, I got him the heck out of there and locked him up. Next thing I know I’m calling my mom. I thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest. Here I was, in my favorite bath robe and slippers (all covered in glass), with butter and glass in my hair, and instead of picking things up I call my mom. I have had some scary shit happen to me in my life, but never an explosion. I think any person would have called their mom.
I got the mess cleaned up, but my hair was a different story. I tried shampooing it a few times with no results, so I grabbed the orange stuff that Robert keeps in the garage (go jo?) and guess what? It worked!
Robert came home during this mess. We got the kitchen cleaned up, sat down and had a soul talk (not just about the kitchen mom), and we ended up clearing up a lot of frustrations. He offered to drive me to the one class that wasn’t cancelled and on the way we stopped at Blue Koi for some dumplings and eggplant pockets. During lunch we got the message that night classes had been cancelled. SWEET! Robert still had to work tonight, but Josh came home and we went shopping. Josh is an awesome driver. We hit a few slick spots, did a few spins, but I didn’t feel freaked out. I think I might actually learn how to drive in snow one day. Seriously, I need to grow a pair. But we had a blast. I got an awesome c.d. while we were out (thank you mom), and stopped for pizza on the way home. The silly guy even watched American Idol with me. As much as I complain about Josh I still love him. He’s a little gross and obnoxious and sometimes I wonder if Robert is going to gain some of his bad habits, but mostly I enjoy his presence. Him and Robert are like peanut butter and jelly. So, guess what mom. I’m going to shut my trap about him. If you’re reading this Josh you should probably know I was talking smack about you with my mom.
All in all this day has been monumental in many ways. I think that I’m stepping out of the blues. I’m going to make a greater effort to talk to Robert. We aren’t going to split chores completely. If we need help we’re going to ask for it. And most importantly I’m not going to try to cook if I haven’t eaten in 20 hours. Forfeit can be a powerful thing folks.
BTW I have a hair appt. tomorrow! I’m finally getting highlights! It might be crazy!

Friday, February 15, 2008

While reading this month's popular mechanics I came upon something interesting which led to something CUTE and OUT OF THIS WORLD. If you wish to make your heart wings flutter go to this site:

Once you are there scroll down to the question of the month. Click on it. Play the video.